Meet The Tangs Team

Tangs Design is home to beautiful handmade bespoke jewellery pieces. We are based in Canberra, ACT. 

Inspired by a love of jewellery and working with metals, Jemimah starting making jewellery pieces for her friends and family before formally starting Tangs Design in 2014. 

Jemimah Ashleigh
Creative Director

Years before starting Tangs Design, Jemimah worked in law enforcement. During a working holiday, Jemimah was in Manhattan, New York and she met (or quietly stalked) a silversmith at his jewellery studio. He showed her how to make her first ring and after coming home Jemimah continued to undertake silversmith classes. 

Jemimah has travelled extensively and draws inspiration from her designs from her travels. She is also a skilled improviser and is often found doing stand up or comedy around Canberra. She also has another small business with her long time friend, Shevonne Joyce called The Business Experiment. 

Jemimah is the creator of all the Tangs jewellery, runs the social media accounts, is the primary stallholder at markets and if you ring the number, she is the one you get the speak to! 

Phone: 0410 580 757 

David Ashleigh 
Chief Fixer of Broken Things and Bookkeeping 

David is the chief fixer of things that are broken and the Tangs Design bookkeeper. He is Jemimah's partner in every sense of the word and is Jemimah's main support with the business. He is a very talented engineer and excellent at image design.
He also makes a great coffee. 

And finally, Munro. 

Munro is the Tangs Design resident mainecoon cat. Munro is 4 years old and is approximately 1.2m long. His hobbies include chasing is own tail, sleeping in weird positions and staring at birds through windows.

He is terrible at making jewellery.