Improvisation Merch


    Joe Bill, Chicago        David Razowski         Glenn Hall, Just Improvise, Perth                                                                  

For many years I have been an improvisor and been in love with impro. I've attended festivals all over the world and had to opportunity to perform with some phenomenal performers. 

One of the things that Tangs is passionate about is supporting improv all over the world. We are able to assist with any merchandise requirements and are currently working on an improvisation collection. We are also hoping to support festivals by sponsoring them. 

If you are interested in affordable merchandise for your festival, please don't hesitate to contact me at 





 Photo credits:

Joe Bill, Chicago, United States
Glenn Hall, Just Improvise, Perth, Australia. 
David Razowski, United States (and everywhere else)
Gary Schwartz, Improv Odyssey, United States 
Only The Human, Perth WA