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Despite being on the entrepreneurial scene for only a few years, Jemimah Ashleigh’s refreshing authenticity, approachability, no nonsense advice and passion, has catapulted her to the top of the business tree.

In her debut book, Position Me, Jemimah lifts the bonnet on the realities of what it takes to turn an idea into a thriving and sustainable business, all while factoring in self-care. Jemimah’s refreshing approach allows you to be a fly on the wall as she unveils the lessons of entrepreneurship and the sometimes not-so-pretty realities of building three successful businesses from scratch.

If you’re looking for a book that doesn’t shy away from the truth and takes you along for the ride in terms of the extreme highs and lows of business life, Position Me is for you.

What are people saying about Jemimah?

“This lady knows her topic, she has a passion for business I haven’t seen in many women and was an inspiration to be around!” – Jo Gilbert, Managing Director, Skywalk Utilities and bestselling author of ‘Strength and Power’, UK

 “She is an inspirational woman that is changing the world we live in positively.” – Amyee Oen, Registered Nurse, Medical Treks Kenya, USA

“Jemimah leads by example and doesn't gloss over her own mistakes to seem flawless. In a world of polish and fakery, it’s refreshing that someone can be so authentic.” – Tim Hyde, Win More Clients, Australia


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